Reuters Insider

Reuters Insider is an internet-based delivery platform that carries exclusive multimedia programming from Reuters including live, uninterrupted coverage of breaking news, interviews with key news-makers, in-depth analysis and insightful commentary on important market issues. In addition to being contracted by Thomson Reuters as the UI/Visual Design Lead for over four years, I served as the Hundredwatt Labs team Creative Director. The 100w team provided strategy and design around future visions of the product as well as producing key parts of the launch marketing campaign.

Shortly after launch, Reuters Insider received the 2010 Adobe Max Award for "Best Rich Internet Application (RIA)".

Launch Homepage Iteration

One of many Feature Marketing Illustrations

Player Iteration

Various Insider Content/Topic Layouts

Feature Marketing Illustrations/Banners

Embed Player with optional white-label branding as easy as choosing RGB value and uploading logo

Reuters Studio, one of the many applications within the Reuters Insider suite

Small sample of the Iconography within the Insider environment.

Reuters Insider iOS